What I can offer is real world experience that goes beyond classroom case studies. I’ve been on both side of complex challenges, both as client and consultant, giving me a unique perspective on the benefits of leading new projects that rekindle your pioneer spirit.

My family business is in its sixth generation in the United States. We’ve had our ups and downs. We’ve logged big accomplishments and suffered major setbacks. We’ve even endured wealth collapse. I’ve spent much of my career studying and writing about family enterprise. I’ve spent decades working with global thought leaders on the subject. I’ve helped individuals, families and their companies tap their pioneer spirit and take success to the next level.

Now, as a business founder leading a social enterprise, I’m tapping into my own pioneer spirit. I look back and ask why there wasn’t more of this in the previous generation. How did we lose momentum? As I’ve learned, something important was missing–the key ingredients for bold, authentic, enduring leadership. 

I’m passionate about making sure that other founders and families don’t make the same mistakes. And I believe that family business (with its built-in, long term focus) and social entrepreneurship (with its focus on community and broadening our definition of stakeholders) are two of the most meaningful, satisfying footpaths along capitalism’s “middle way.” That’s why I will always dedicate time in my schedule to helping others by working with governance groups excited about building a lasting future.

As I gather fresh insights, I will put them together with ingredients I’ve discovered in my own successful projects. I’d like to share them with you, your family and your colleagues. Together, let’s envision, create, develop and build world class legacy projects that make sure your leadership will last for generations to come.


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